My research involves in finding suitable means to keep schools in our country safe and create a secure environment for both pupils and teachers. My earlier approach mostly concentrated on handling aggressive pupils in a classroom, stressing the importance of using effective de-escalation techniques such a Positive Handling with low-level restraints.

Though this technique has been widely accepted, trained and practiced by schools in our country, it has always concerned me, I realised the fact that these techniques are missing a key element which has been exploited on numerous occasions when a staff member is physically assaulted by a pupil within the school premises.

I have been involved in education for over 20 years and I’ve spent a good part of my life advising Senior Management Teams in keeping their school safe and compliant. The growing trend on violence against school staff compelled me to shift focus from pupils to staff. I am currently researching for my next book ‘Classroom Critical’. Which talks about the safety issues concerning school staff and also explores the psychology behind aggressive behaviour towards teachers and how these trends can be identified at the earliest stage to avoid any critical damage.

I am travelling across the country meeting Headteachers, Executives and Teaching Professionals. I am talking to people who have encountered life-changing situations where their safety was at risk within the school premises. If you have encountered any such incidents in your life which will add value to my research in some way, please get in touch with my office and I’ll be very interested in your contribution in my aim to keep the UK schools a safe place for staff.

I have also travelled to the USA and across the UK to speak with experts to find out how they handle the threat of violence in schools. I have spoken with Senior Safety Analysts, Risk Management Analysts, School Phycologists, Intelligence Analysts and Senior Investigators working with government agencies including The Federal Bureau of Investigation to try and find a solution to early identification of aggression in young people.